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Deion Sanders Wants A Verse From Key Glock


Deion Sanders Wants A Verse From Key Glock

Deion Sanders is a universal name around the world at this point. However, he is most commonly known for his wildly successful football career. The 2x Superbowl champ is a Hall of Fame inductee of the class of 2011. Having a wealth of knowledge about the game of football, Deion Sanders took to coaching. Jackson State University hired him as head coach in 2020. Since his taking over, Deion has brought a multitude of superstars to meet his players. Most notably, Deion has sparked a great relationship with fellow rap icon Young Dolph.

Before the tragic passing of Young Dolph, he was spotted at numerous Jackson State football games. He would go into the locker room before and after games to greet the players. He always dropped wisdom on the young men to help direct them in the right direction. Dolph was even recorded performing his hit song “100 Shots” as the team sang along with him following a big win.

Deion Sanders Might Land Himself a Feature

Deion Sanders’s relationship with Young Dolph stretches across his whole label, Paper Route Empire. Over this past weekend, Deion reached out to Dolph’s cousin Key Glock. The intention behind the video was to congratulate him on his success. Key Glock remains on his tour for his latest project, “Yellow Tape 2,” which he brought to a halt when his cousin Young Dolph was shot. Shows have been selling out across America, and Deion wanted to show him he was still keeping tabs on the Paper Route Empire crew.

As he wraps up the video, Deion Sanders hinted to Key Glock that he needs a verse from him. “So God bless y’all, and I need a verse, dog! I need one verse, my brother. God bless.”

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