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    Extra is Raising the Bar

    David Ogunnubi

    David Ogunnubi, known to his fans by Extra, is an energetic and lyrical hip hop artist that has a creative passion for music. Extra’s music style is influenced by artists such as J. Cole, Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar which fuses genres such as rap and R&B to create his own style of hip hop. He is a first-generation Nigerian rapper who was raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Extra has always been interested in music, but first started creating his own when he was a freshman in college at Cal State, San Bernardino. He was introduced to the creative process when a producer moved into his dorm building. This producer would play his own unique beats which inspired Extra to make songs to go along with them. During this time, he also met his DJ and current producers with whom he has been creating music for years.

    As of recently, they started creating music professionally. In his first year of being a professional artist he has released two different visual series and released 10 music videos. Lately, he has also been performing at different venues and hosting his own events with other artists. He is currently an independent artist who works with LNG Entertainment who produce all his music. DJ Ronnie G and T1 work with him as well to make beats along with mixing and mastering his songs.

    Extra works tirelessly to produce music where the fans listening will get to feel his emotions through his tracks. Currently, Extra has two different visual series available, Extra Extra Read All About It Vol. 1 and Ya Beat Iz Not Safe Vol. 1. He is currently working on a special single set to release in December called “Can We Live” as well as working on volume two of both visual series, Extra Extra Read All About It and Ya Beat Iz Not Safe.

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