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DaBaby's Bowling Alley Assault Case is Dead


DaBaby’s Bowling Alley Assault Case is Dead

DaBaby fought in the bowling alley in February along with Brandon Bills, the brother of his ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh. Now, it looks like DaBaby’s bowling alley assault case is dead.

In the report by TMZ, Bills has stopped cooperating with the police, and the investigation is at a dead end. Without the suspect’s cooperation, they can not move forward. Even with the incident captured on video, police cannot do anything.

In a video clip of the fight, one of the members of DaBaby’s entourage took Brandon Bill by his dreadlocks and fell on him with a lot of force. After hitting several times, DaBaby attempted to walk away but was followed by Bill’s face, which was bloody and swelling.

DaBaby’s Bowling Alley Assault Explained

The bowling alley in which the incident took place, the Corbin Ball in Topanga, California — later barred the platinum-selling singer from ever entering the establishment. A worker explained this decision after reviewing footage of the incident, which shows him as the aggressor. DaBaby’s bowling alley assault case being dead, is huge for him.

The argument allegedly started when Brandon Bill confronted DaBaby over the allegations of mistreatment of DaniLeigh’s sister over their relationship. One of the mechanics at the bowling alley claimed it took him a long time to clean up the sugary drink that had dried up. DaBaby was throwing the sugary drink at Brandon, and Corbin Ball. Also, he had to acquire $250 worth of cleaning chemicals to clean the bowling alleys where the incident took place.

Police sources had been looking into DaBaby for assault using an armed weapon that could be deadly. Brandon Bill got struck when DaBaby was on the floor.

Another DaBaby Incident

Earlier in the month, DaBaby was involved in a terrifying incident. An intruder broke through the walls in the Troutman, North Carolina estate. After shooting the intruder with a gun in the leg, DaBaby made a 911 call and cooperated with the authorities.

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