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DaBaby: Not Being Charged in North Carolina Shooting


DaBaby: Not Being Charged in North Carolina Shooting

Picture via RAPtv
Picture via RAPtv

DaBaby is not being charged in connection with the shooting in his North Carolina house. Last month a trespasser went onto his North Carolina property.

According to an article from the TMZ, which cites recently obtained legal documents. Iredell County District Attorney’s Office looked into the shooting incident and chose not to proceed with any charges related to it.

DaBaby Has WCCB Speak Out on Shooting at North Carolina Home

According to a report last month by local media outlet WCCB, the incident happened on DaBaby’s property. Police from the area claimed that they “arrived on the scene where they found one person suffering from a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.”

Then, TMZ cited sources who claimed that DaBaby at first “exchanged words” with the person. Before shooting himself in his leg, which DaBaby confirmed via his Instagram update. 

The audio of the subsequent 911 call made by DaBaby. The call made public by WSOC-TV. The same channel also covered the District Attorney’s verdict to file charges on Thursday. In the files, they state the investigation to the shooting is now closed.

“He’s in my yard and trespassing. I do not know what he’s here to do. Or what actions he’s trying to get, or what he wants to accomplish. He is also shot in his leg. He is neutralized until you arrive”. DaBaby said in the audio uploaded to SoundCloud.

Lastly, DaBaby was adamant about reports regarding a felony battery case against him. DaBaby is in connection with an incident that allegedly involved with the Los Angeles rental property manager. This took place in December of 2021. DaBaby posted a video on his Twitter. It allegedly illustrates the person in question, Gary Prager, using the word “N-word.”.

DaBaby is no longer getting charged for the shooting at his North Carolina home. He can now get back to doing what he loves, making music for his passionate fans.

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