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Coi Leray On Female Empowerment

Following her 2019 signing to Republic Record Coi Leray has been a fearless, rising star. Every time you see Coi Leray, she’s always bringing the energy to every event she attends. You can feel Coi Leray’s empowerment every time she takes the stage. Leray has embraced her unique identity and uses it to chart her own path to success in the music industry.

In 2021 Coi Leray became a vital sensation on TikTok amassing over 10 million followers with her song “Twinnem.” Her debut album Trendsetter, released in April is only the beginning for the New Jersey Native.

Coi Leray Newest Single:

Finally, she released her newest single, “Involved,” on June 24th and is set to headline the Monster Energy Tour. She’s scheduled to hit major cities all across the country. Those cities include Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Detroit, Nashville, and New York City, before ending the tour in San Diego on August 25th.

Leray Journey:

Leray has been putting in so much effort since her journey began. Now she can finally enjoy the upsides of success as she travels on her road to superstardom.

“I couldn’t wait, you know, for moments like this, where my hard work is being credited for and just appreciated and recognized,” Leray told sources. “That’s really the most important part of it because as artists, we work so hard, we have sleepless nights, and make a lot of mental sacrifices, and it’s moments like this that I really appreciate. And it feels good to know that every time I’m leveling up. I hate feeling like I’m stuck in the same position.”

Coi Leray is on the right path for success. Coi Leray wants more female empowerment in the music industry.

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