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Coi Leray Is Getting Ready To Go On Tour Starting In Queens

Beginning on June 10th, Coi Leray’s tour will start at the Governor’s Ball festival in Queens, New York. Next, Coi plans on visiting Houston, Texas, for her next stop. After that, she flies off to Amsterdam to lay down a fantastic performance. Then she heads to Ireland and Portugal. Finally, the notorious rising star returns stateside, finishing the remainder of the tour. She begins in Chicago, then heads to Washington D.C. and a few other cities.

Finally, Coi Leray last destination is San Diego, and the tour ends on August 25th. Don’t miss it!

Coi Leray Has Begun Her Pre-Tour Shows

Coi has already kicked off her album Trendsetter by doing a few live shows and getting ready for her full-blown tour. She loves to portray herself as a very hype artist who loves to have fun, especially on stage. Coi, however, did have to deal with a fan who recently mustered the courage to grope her butt after she brought him on stage for a mock lap dance during her set. She quickly handled the situation by removing the said fan from the stage and continued the show with somebody else to maintain her professionalism. Coi did not feel the need to discuss what happened, only stating that she would no longer have anyone objectifying her beginning this year. She posted a caption on her Instagram to quote the young artist.

“Don’t madder how natural she is, who her doctor is, if she has curves, cellulite, big small, round square, let’s just make it a priority to spread love and worry the fuck about yourself,” “Yuh. 2022 I’m excited.”

Where To Find Show Dates

To get the complete list of the dates and more ticket information, visit Coi Leray’s website.

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Cory Campagna is a Senior-Writer out of the Midwest for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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