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Chris Brown


Chris Brown Speaks On Dallas Shooter Claiming to be “His Wife”

Chris Brown Addresses Stalkers & Mental Health

Chris Brown has been dealing with a rising number of stalkers lately. He even took it to Instagram to talk about it on July 26th (Tuesday). In a video posted to his stories, he said, “I don’t know what’s in my fucking music, but I got some of the craziest stalkers in the world. Aye, mental health is not something to play with. We looking out for y’all.”

Akademiks took to IG to share Chris Browns response:

C. Breezy addressed the matter after being dragged into another controversy on Monday, July 25th. Law enforcement arrested a woman by the name of Portia Odufuwa after she allegedly fired shots in a Dallas Airport.

Dallas Shooting Victim Name Drops Breezy

The 37-year-old woman was hospitalized with gunshot wounds after police fired at her. Odufuwa then claimed that she was Chris Brown’s wife and cannot stand trial due to mental illness, according to New York Post.

According to information associated with Dallas Morning News, Odufuwa previously name-dropped the R&B legend. She claimed he was her husband in the past after giving police his address and stating they lived together.

Brown had to call the police back in April due to incident with a stalker that kept waiting outside his California residence. LAPD revealed that the woman has been spotted around the musician’s home 10 different times.

Chris Brown Tour

Although Breezy’s stalker dilemmas may not disappear soon, his tour with Lil Baby, One Of Them Ones Tour will continue.

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