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Nia Asiel


Chicago’s Own Nia Asiel Turning Heads In 2022

Nia Asiel is an up-and-coming independent artist from Chicago, Illinois. Her love for music started in kindergarten performing for special events. Throughout the school year, she would be put in plays, talent shows, and open mics. She also kept busy learning to play the piano and saxophone. Nia Asiel knew from the beginning she was gifted and had a great passion for music. She would sit in her room for hours writing songs which helped mold her into the songwriter she is today.

Nia’s Successes

Nia Asiel has had great success as an artist but views her greatest success as being able to see how her music impacts individuals all across the world. Being able to hear that listeners were able to connect with her makes her feel as though she has found her purpose.

The beats for Nia Asiel’s songs are extremely important to her. She works with a couple of different producers on a consistent basis when she creates music to make sure her sound is perfect. She is currently collaborating with Matthew May and Hennen. They can play guitar and a few other instruments which she feels is a key to a powerful song.

Up-Coming Release

Nia Asiel’s new single “Word on the Street” releases on June 24th on all streaming platforms. This song is filled with storytelling and she was inspired to write it about how so many people have to survive the streets. She has personally lost loved ones and wants people to know they can make it out. Finally, you can follow along the journey of Nia Asiel on Instagram. You can find her music on Spotify!

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Matt Kolesar
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Matt Kolesar is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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