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Chef Porter


Chef Porter Cooks Up a Hip-Hop Feast with ‘de zéro’ – A Culinary Rhapsody of Beats

(New York, NY) – In an industry that thrives on authenticity and raw talent, Bronx native Chef Ed Porter is breaking barriers with his new album “de zéro.” Known primarily as a Celebrity Chef, Porter’s music is a hidden gem that reflects the heart of New York’s hip-hop culture.

Independently forging his path, Chef Porter has intertwined his two passions to produce an album that is a feast for the ears. “de zéro” is not just a collection of tracks but a narrative of strength, perseverance, and the unabashed expression of one’s true self.

The album boasts collaborations with the likes of CLCII, Mark Byrd, and strategic A&R direction from PRO Welton & CREATE.Digital Music, highlighting the communal spirit of hip-hop. Porter’s music is a conduit for freedom, a space for solace, and a canvas for the cultural vibrancy that he embodies.

The struggles of balancing life as a chef and musician have only fueled his drive. Despite stepping away from music for nearly a decade, the art form remained an intrinsic part of his identity, a necessity for his soul’s expression.

Chef Porter’s future is flavored with innovation as he prepares for “The de zéro Experience,” a series of events that will bring together his music and culinary expertise in a unique, immersive journey.

Listeners are invited to taste the music and hear the food by streaming the album on Spotify and keeping up with Chef Porter’s latest creations on Instagram.

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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