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Charli Baltimore Once Wrote A Rap Inspired By Biggie’s Infidelity

Charli Baltimore, who was once in an intimate relationship with The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls, revealed that she once wrote a rap about the time she caught the deceased legend cheating on her.

Baltimore shared her side of the story while having a sit down as part of a docu-series produced by BET titled The Murder Inc. Story.

Charli Baltimore Shares Her Side Of Biggie’s Cheating Story

“I met Big at a show in Philly. We were just friends in the beginning and kinda developed into a relationship,” the rapper recalled. “I had broke into his phone and somehow got his password to his phone.

“It was like, all these like, random girls on there saying all this stuff. So, I wrote every girl’s name down that I had from the voicemail and made like, a whole rap including all their names and shit.”

Baltimore continued: “By the time I spit it, I was laughing and so was he. He was like, ‘Yo, you’re fucking crazy.” In his mind, he thought you really got some talent and you should really keep trying to write a rhyme every day, and let’s see what comes of it.

“His vision was to start a group called The Commission. Unfortunately, due to his death we weren’t able to do that. However, his partner at the time kinda picked up where he left off and signed me to my first deal.”

See a preview of the interview below:

Diving Deeper

From that moment, Baltimore would continue to have moderate success with songs such as “Money” and “Stand Up” before eventually inking a deal with Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc. label in 2002.

Baltimore also featured on Ja Rule’s “Down Ass Bitch,”, Ashanti’s “Rain On Me” remix and more over the course of her career. She also earned a Grammy nomination in 2003 for her hit single “Diary” before eventually parting ways with Murder Inc. in 2004.

Irv Gotti And Murder Inc.

Murder Inc. boss Irv Gotti’s BET docu-series has documented a ton of memorable moments. However, it has been overshadowed by a series of unsavory comments made by the label boss during a sit down with Drink Champs. During the interview, Gotti recalled his brief love affair with Ashanti in vivid detail, even going as far as telling DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. that her hit song “Happy” was created after the two had sex.

Gotti’s brief time on the podcast brought a lot of backlash from both the public and fellow artists such as Fat Joe. The Murder Inc. boss recently made a statement that he’s done talking about Ashanti regarding the topic of their fling.

“Here’s what I’m going to say,” Irv Gotti told a reporter who brought up Ashanti. “I wish Ashanti nothing but the best. I’m not hooked on her, like ‘I can’t get over her.’ It’s none of that shit.”

“I got paid to do a documentary on my life and on Murder Inc. If I didn’t talk about Ashanti, you would have been like what kind of bullshit is this that he didn’t speak about her. She’s too important to Murder Inc. and his life. They tried to #MeToo me. You know what the fuck they said. Stop it Shade Room. You the shadiest ones.”

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