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Cardi B Considers Selling Car Collection as Dust Gathers

Dust All Over Million Dollar Cars

Cardi B, the renowned Bronx-born rapper, is contemplating the sale of her impressive car collection due to their current state of inactivity and accumulation of dust. In a candid video shared on social media, Cardi expressed frustration over the lack of use and even questioned whether some of the cars still function.

Offset’s Love for Luxury Vehicles

Offset, Cardi’s husband and an avid lover of luxury vehicles, may not be entirely pleased with the idea of selling the collection. Over the years, Cardi has gifted Offset extravagant cars, including a rare Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and a refrigerator filled with cash. This adds complexity to Cardi’s decision as she balances her own desires with her husband’s passion for luxury automobiles.

Complications and Legal Victories

While Cardi contemplates the fate of her car collection, it’s worth noting that Offset faced his own complications regarding a rented Bentley Bentayga. In 2021, he was sued by Platinum Transportation Group for failing to return the vehicle. Thankfully, the lawsuit was later dismissed, highlighting the challenges that can arise when managing an extensive car collection.

As Cardi B weighs her options, the future of her car collection remains uncertain. The decision to sell them or keep them idle carries significance for both Cardi and Offset. Meanwhile, Cardi celebrates legal victories, having recently won a defamation lawsuit against blogger Tasha K. These victories reinforce her strong presence in the music industry and her determination to protect her reputation.


While Cardi B ponders the fate of her car collection, the frustration of inactivity and dust accumulation drives her consideration of selling these impressive vehicles. However, the decision comes with complexities, as it involves balancing her own desires and her husband Offset’s love for luxury automobiles. As the future of the collection remains uncertain, Cardi continues to make headlines with legal victories, solidifying her standing in the industry. The choice regarding her car collection will undoubtedly shape her journey in the world of music and luxury.

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Carmine Trovato
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