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Cardi B Checks Fan With Mic at Wireless Festival

Cardi B found herself having to teach a fan about proper consent during her set at Wireless Festival Set.

Moments following Cardi B’s set at London’s Wireless Festival on July 8th, the Bronx Superstar reportedly felt someone touch her inappropriately. While conversing with her fans atop a security guards shoulder, she reached down and felt someone grab her hair. This action immediately triggered her to start swinging at the fan with her microphone.

Cardi B Thanks The London Crowd:

Cardi B didn’t immediately acknowledge the incident to social media but instead thanked the London crowd. She even went on to joke on Instagram about how large the Festival ramp was.

“Let me tell y’all something … WIRELESS LONG ASSS STAGE AINT NO JOKE,” she captioned her post. “You need lots of stamina.”

Cardi’s incident with a fan is only the latest in the new trend of artists having to defend themselves mid-performance. During his performance in Switzerland at the Openair Frauenfeld Festival, Roddy Ricch had to kick a fan that had decided to run on stage. While running on stage, the fan had bumped into Roddy causing him to drop his microphone. Security at the venue immediately swarmed the fan but not before Roddy got a few kicks in.

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