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Boosie Badazz Terrance Williams


Boosie Badazz Defends His Street Cred to Terrance Williams

Hip-Hop OG Boosie Badazz sends shots back Terrance Williams. Williams, is the half-brother of Cash Money Records’ co-founder Birdman. The beef between the two allegedly started when Williams recently stated that Boosie has no true street cred to his name.

Boosie Badazz Address’s Terrance Williams Claims

After speaking on rumors that the two brothers were at odds with one another over Birdman’s cooperation with the federal government, Boosie has defended his previous statements from a July 30th Instagram video standing by his remarks to have Williams drop his nickname “Gangsta

“You can’t take my stripes away because you gave yours away,” Boosie began. “I’m a real stand up n-gga out BR. No PC in me, dawg. Ask any n-gga from Uptown I done joced with in any of the jails. Ask any n-gga from across the canal downtown. I’m a stand up n-gga, dawg. I fought in the Dome, I shit fight in the cell. Ask any of them n-ggas, I’m a violator bruh. Ain’t no PC in me. I was like that, bruh.”

“It’s choices we make in life and you made that choice to ruin all the relationships with your people, with everybody. Cause people glorified you. Now that shit over with, bro. All I can say is bruh, if a n-gga told you that, I’m a real stand up n-gga out BR, bro. And one more thing bro, you need to apologize for all them n-ggas up that road, from that city, n-ggas that fought for you up there, bruh. all the steppas who name affiliated with your name, you need to apologize, bro.”

Boosie continued: “To your people, everybody. All them people who put your name in them songs. It ain’t gon’ take from what you did but them n-ggas really was out there for you, bruh. The question is, do you feel they deserve an apology? That’s the question. I feel they do. I feel they do, dawg. Your name ran with the top dawgs. You fucked up a lot of people, dawg.”

See Boosie’s Instagram post regarding the subject matter here:

Terrance William’s Response

Terrance Williams took to social media to respond to Boosie Badazz, referring to himself as a ‘scorned’ fan. He also stated since Boosie was from Baton Rouge, he didn’t have the right to even speak on his name or actions.

“I can hear it in your voice that you sound like a scorned fan,” Terrance Williams said. “Always remember this: You can hide history, but you cannot erase history. So, whether I’m in your book or not, it is what it is bro.”

‘You said you had respect for me due to what you heard in the streets. But it sounds like a contradiction to me with you because you say on one hand you had respect for me, with all the stories you heard on the streets. That’s why you had respect for me. However, you lost respect for me because of rumors of what you’re hearing now. So which is it?”

In January 2022, Williams was freed from a life sentence by U.S. District Judge Ivan Lemelle. Lemelle re-sentenced Williams to 27.5 years. Details surrounding his release remain scarce, though court records show that Williams began helping the federal government after his arrest. In 1999 after noting his ‘substantial assistance’, prosecutors filed for a “5K” motion, in securing guilty pleas from co-defendents.

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