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Bobby Shmurda and Pop Smoke Possible Collab


Bobby Shmurda and Pop Smoke Possible Collab

Brooklyn, New York, holds a special spot within the heart of Hip Hop fanatics. Brooklyn has produced many rappers throughout its nearly 50-year history, and the trend is still going until today. Bobby Shmurda and Pop Smoke could be on a track together as soon as April 29th.

Before his sudden death in 2020, Pop Smoke was expected to be the next big Brooklyn star. In a manner that was not seen for a while, ever since Jay-Z did it over 20 years back. Both rappers are generational stars, so many people are asking which artist would like to be featured.

Bobby Shmurda Wants Verse from Pop Smoke

Bobby Shmurda was recently confronted with the question in a chat with Akademiks. The famous social media star requested from the “Shmoney” rapper which rapper he would rather work with. The two rappers were Jay-Z and Pop Smoke. However, Bobby did not waste time going with Pop Smoke as his preference.

Akademiks was shocked by Bobby’s response which was a re-creation of the deep voice of Pop Smoke and Ad-libs expressing how much he adores the late rapper and affirming the same sentiments about Jay-Z. However, Hip Hop lovers are bound to disagree with Bobby’s choices due to the differences in generation among the rappers.

While it might be too late now for a Hov or Pop Smoke feature, the fans will be watching for confirmation of what happens if Bobby Shmurda will have some guests appear on his forthcoming indie project called They Don’t Know. The album is expected to be available on April 29th, and, based on the post on his Instagram blog post, Bobby cannot wait for the day to release new music.

Bobby Shmurda is hyped up to drop his new work on April 29th.

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