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bleu and dj vlad


Bleu Accuses DJ Vlad Of Destroying His Relationship With Boosie Badazz

DJ Vlad has been known to beef with rappers on social media. Soon after a heated encounter with NLE Choppa, he’s made himself a target of rising superstar Bleu. Bleu formerly known as Yung Bleu signed to Boosie Badazz’s label BadAzz Syndicate. However their collaborative relationship has come to an end.

Boosie almost routinely makes an appearance on VladTV for various interviews. However, in March Boosie revealed he was suing Bleu over contractual issues. At the time he insisted he still rocked with Bleu. “I gotta take everybody to court,” he said. “Yung Bleu ain’t really in it — it’s just the people who all was behind it. People did some messed up business and it’s coming back, it’s gon’ come back to haunt everybody, bro. I just was fucked over, bro, I got it, I’m straight. I don’t really blame Bleu.”

Bleu Addresses DJ Vlad:

Briefly after the DJ Vlad interview, Bleu turned his attention towards the show’s controversial host and fired off a couple of posts aimed at Vlad. “Vlad u got your wish bra!” he says. “U been building this shit with me and Boosie for 5 interviews straight after we constantly told u the love we have for eachother! U got what u wanted white man! Some black men going at it. @vladtv u finally got what u been wanting mane. U ain’t stop pressuring till u got the response u wanted outta us!”

Bleu continued, “U live for this dnt ya! Long as sh*t benifit your platform! But ima no longer speak on it! I just got some great new to balance that interview I just had to was. I’m real as they come.” 

Bleu’s rant continued. Bleu aired out his personal grievances with Boosie, saying his vision was “ignored” and felt treated like a “little dog.”

Finally, DJ Vlad responded to Bleu on Sunday July 10th tweeting, “VladTV interviews aren’t the reason Boosie taking Yung Bleu to court. Boosie not getting the money that Boosie feels he is owed is why Boosie is taking Yung Bleu to court. And if you know one thing about Boosie, you know that he’s about his money.”

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