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Big Sean Tells John Mayer About Moment With Fan

Big Sean’s Fan Encounter About John Mayer:

It’s nothing new for celebrities to post selfies on Instagram and their famous friends leave funny comments on the photos. John Mayer shared a photo that a friend took of him and people had a lot to say. A fan of John Mayer’s was on Big Sean’s flight and Sean told the story on social media. Though the details of the conversation are unclear, the Detroit rapper penned a quick note about his wholesome moment.

Big Sean’s Instagram Post

Sean said that the fan was impacted by John Mayer’s performance in a big way. He didn’t just talk about how great the music was, he detailed how Mayer’s artistry had a profound impact on him. Sean wrote on his Instagram post, “Was on a plane today and this older gentlemen told me he saw you at your last tour in Atlanta n just how phenomenal you were.” Sean also wrote, “[He] talked about how you spent time there, played in a bar down there, your song where you mention highway i 85, it was quite a long conversation.” “Then i said yeah… i know that guy, he’s the best. True story flying from Seattle to LA today,” Sean continued.

Big Sean and Jhené Aiko recently announced that they’re expecting their first child together. The pair put their pregnancy love on display during a recent performance for all to witness.

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