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Beyonce and Solange Practiced Failure In Their Youth

Beyonce and Solange’s father and former manager Mathew Knowles opened up on a few tips he gave his daughters over the years. On July 14th, Knowles took to Twitter to drop wisdom on how he prepared his daughters for some of the obstacles that come up while performing.

Mathew Knowles:

“One thing I taught Beyonce and Solange was to practice failure,” he tweeted. “We would practice how they’d respond if their microphone got cut off, if their shoes broke on stage if the wrong song got queued in their performance set. Anything can happen…”

In another tweet, he said: “..and they were always prepared to have a response! I would like for you to consider the same lesson. Whether you’re a performer or artist, or an entrepreneur or professional, practice how you’ll respond in the event you fail.”

“It’s a skill that can and should be developed!” he concluded.

Stage Blunders:

Regardless of the fact that the two are seasoned performers, they’ve faced a handful of onstage blunders throughout their careers. However, they’ve managed to style them out, thanks to the lessons from their father.

While performing alongside her husband, Jay-Z in Warsaw, Poland in 2018, Beyonce found herself stranded in mid-air. There was an elevated stage malfunctioning. While waiting for crew members to come to help her she hyped up the fans by dancing on the floating platform.

During a show in Montreal in 2013, Bey got her hair stuck in a fan while singing “Halo”. While security helped to pull her tressed out of the fan, she kept singing the song.

During her Coachella performance in 2018, Bey was joined by Solange to perform “Get Me Bodied.” In the end, Beyonce hugged Solange and attempted to pick her up, causing them to fall down on stage. The two laughed it off and kicked their feet in the air before getting back up.

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