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Becca Hannah


Becca Hannah’s Road to Stardom Begins

How It All Started for Becca Hannah

Growing up in Boston, Masachuesets, rising star singer and songwriter Becca Hannah has always had a love for music coursing through her veins. Hannah started singing at only four years old but it wasn’t until she was eleven that she started taking piano and guitar lessons to sharpen her musical skills. Over the years she’d begin to teach herself how to replicate music by sound rather than reading sheet music. Becca Hannah’s parents frequently listened to a variety of genres including jazz and folk music, deepening her appreciation and love for music.

Becca’s Inspiration

Becca Hannah’s musical inspirations come from major artists such as Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Norah Jones, Eryka Badu, Still Woozy, and Remi Wolf with a favorite in Still Woozy. Still Woozy’s positive energy even on songs with dark concepts has been a key factor behind Hannahs love for him. Woozy’s career has been a huge factor behind Becca Hannah’s songwriting, producing, and artistry. 

Becca Hannah is currently an independent artist however, still manages to make noise in the music industry. In addition to some featured vocals lended to fellow artists, Hannah is currently working on a few self-produced songs. Her future releases contain a blend of love songs as well as upbeat songs designed to make any day a great day.Outside of music, Hannahs second passion is mental health. She’s also currently working on her masters in Expressive Arts Therapy, which incorporates all mediums of creative arts into a therapeutic context.

“My other passion is mental health. My day job has been working at an inpatient psychiatric unit, although I recently cut down my hours a lot. I recently enrolled in a master’s program for Expressive Arts Therapy, which incorporates all mediums of creative arts into a therapeutic context.”

Keep up with Becca Hannah by following her on Instagram here and stream her current catalog below.

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