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    Be on the lookout for Ayo Potter

    Ayo Potter

    Growing up as an American-Nigerian native in Landover, Maryland, Ayo Potter built a unique sound due to the wide variety of cultures surrounding him. He experimented with music from a very young age starting with learning how to play instruments to then developing into recording.  His songs are inspired by the liberty of being creative with your work.  He has been through some difficult times in his life that he expresses in his songs.  This gives the audience a feeling of belonging when they are going through similar hardships such as poverty and death. In his current life, Ayo Potter is an independent artist who has been working hard on new releases.

    Ayo Potter’s busy lifestyle keeps him motivated to create.  He finds drive and success in everything he does which can be seen in his unique sound. He tries to involve the exposure of different cultures into his music, so his sound is like no other artist. His latest song is called “Gunz Anthem”, and he is continuing to have new music released every week. 

    Ayo Potter creates his music at Hustle Firm Studios with Markizey, where they share a common goal to create the same unique content. Ayo Potter is a new name on the block and will soon take over the content you listen to everyday.  His catchy music and meaningful messages will grab the listener to create a strong following. Follow this successful artist to keep track of his new releases, this is just the beginning for his career and content.

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