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Atlanta Rapper, Wes Delux, Is Making Waves Dropping 2 Tracks Featuring Loc Jones

Wes Delux is garnering thousands of streams and making a major name for himself in Georgia, Florida, and the online space. Today, June 29, the Atlanta rapper blesses us with two new records both featuring Georgia OG, Loc Jones.

Growing up outside of Atlanta, Wes Delux has been hooked on hip-hop from day 1. Wes’ first introduction to creating music was when his dad taught him to play the guitar at a young age. While his creative direction came from learning the guitar and listening to rock bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Velvet Revolver, his biggest motivation to make music comes from hip-hop. The Georgia rapper and University of Georgia graduate grew up listening to Lil Wayne’s Carter albums, Gucci Mane, and Eminem.

Balance is the key:

Though he may have a relatable pallet of musical tastes, Wes’ journey into becoming a rapper differs from the ordinary backstory. Growing up in Georgia, Wes always had music in view. During his first live performance in 8th grade, Wes played “Jump” by Van Halen and recalls feeling a ‘surge of goosebumps’ when hearing the crowd react to his music. Throughout his high school years, Wes notes diving deep into experimentation with different mind-altering substances claiming that some had a negative influence on his psyche while others helped. Despite going through the highs and lows of his teen years, he sees the positive in how he’s learned to grow more accepting of himself and allow his creativity to shine. Known for the yin and yang in his music, Wes preaches that the key to success is keeping everything in ‘balance’.

Following high school, Wes attended the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. For his academics, he majored in Science Education with the goal of becoming a teacher. In order to get as involved in the local music scene as possible, Wes spent his spare time DJ’ing house and frat parties bringing the good vibes all around campus. After graduating college, Wes took his talents to Florida where got a job teaching high school AP Biology and other sciences. There he was able to spread his passion for science as well as act as a mentor to help teens grow in a positive direction pulling from his own experiences. While Wes felt a passion for his students, he knew he needed to put his full efforts into his music dreams. From here, Wes left his teaching career and began releasing music starting with his debut single, “Night Rhymes”.

Making waves in Atlanta:

After teaching in Florida, Wes returned to his roots by moving to Atlanta, a city with a heavy influence on today’s hip-hop sound. Since 2018, Wes has released 14 singles and a 5-song EP, Wes vs. Wes. With his release today, he drops two upbeat records fit for a hard gym session or party at the club. These two records both feature Wes’ friend and long-time rap veteran, Loc Jones. Sharing a Georgia background, these two trade verses over fiery beats bringing a motivational vibe to the listener.

Wes is all about the good vibrations and wants people to feel at ease, balanced, and ready to be their best selves from his music. Produced by Boston creative, Nicky Stix, ‘Let’s Ride’ is a hard-bumping guitar record describing Mr. Delux and Loc’s hustle-filled lifestyle. The second track of the release, ‘Outta Sigh Outta Mind’ is produced by Slovenian composer, 1K Chainz, and contains gritty lyrics with a smoother vibe to it. Both rappers share their feelings of pushing past getting stuck and paranoid amidst the hustle in order to persevere and find their true character during the struggle.

Wes Delux sobriety and unreleased music:

The former teacher and Atlanta resident considers himself an advocate for alcohol-free living and recently announced he is 120 days without a drink. Pushing forward with a clear mind, Wes has a lot more music in the vault. Upcoming releases include an August music video for his record “Step Up” which is a single off his Deluxified I album which is also set to be released by the end of August.

Until then, you can find Wes on his daily morning walks, hanging out with his dogs, doing yoga, or spending time with his “ride or die” girlfriend. Wes doesn’t watch TV and instead chooses to spend his evenings keeping up with his close friends through facetime. Wes explains that the key to his success, happiness, and sobriety lies in his daily routine. He’s a big believer in breathwork, setting daily goals, and hitting the studio first thing in the morning.

Wes Delux is definitely a rapper to keep on your radar. With his tireless work ethic and dedication to pushing himself creatively, we are bound to see Wes continue to do big things in the music industry.

You can follow along with Wes DeLux journey on Instagram and Twitter and find his new music on Spotify.

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Tyler August is a Miami-based Music Producer & Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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