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Young Shiloh


Artist Young Shiloh Rising With New EP

Unique flows and raw emotions are the first things recognized when you hear Young Shiloh for the first time. This young talented artist has been building buzz over his debut EP “Ricochet,” which has been streaming for several months. With tens of thousands of monthly listeners and rising exponential number of streams; this artist is climbing to new heights.

Get to Know Young Shiloh

Meet Young Shiloh. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, this young star has built the foundation of his upbringing, experiences, and challenges he faced. Shiloh was always the creative type. From a child exploring ways to live freely to creating music starting at 13. Using his creative outlet as a way to cope and release emotions, these creations began to resonate with people worldwide.

The EP “Ricochet” combines 7 tracks that capture Young Shiloh as he navigated life. From experiencing life in Texas, trials & tribulations, to coming up from school and the things he learned along the way. Young Shiloh dedicated himself to learning the media and entertainment industry to build his effectiveness with his work. His EP delivers creativity where Shiloh hopes his audience can feel confident and resilient to chase their dreams. He wants people to feel that even when life gets tough and you feel backed in the corner, you can find confidence and strength.

Excitement To Come

Young Shiloh has some new music and videos on the way for his songs “Get it Flip it” and “3am”. This independent artist has big plans to work with some of his idols like Lil Wayne. He plans to continue to impact people’s lives. He hopes to leave legendary marks and knows that there is still so much more to come.

You can follow Young Shiloh here on Instagram and check out more of his content. As well, get a taste of his catalog and stream some of his tracks on the album, if not all.

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Matt Kolesar
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Matt Kolesar is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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