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Artist WreckkHavinn Doing More Than Usual With His Music

“Finally back” in action, the multi-talented artist Joshua Barker, aka WreckkHavinn has a fan base craving more music after recently released. From Englewood, Chicago WreckkHavinn just dropped his EP “Finally Back.” Making a comeback, with a 15+ song album “Opp Slayer” on the way. However, things are just getting started for Wreckk as he sets the bar high.

Background of WreckkHavinn

The Chicago native has natural intuition and delivery with the important messages behind it. Coming from a family who loves music, WreckkHavinn has an old soul that coincides with every genre. This allows him to be versatile and make a song to any beat. From having fun with his friends to realizing his natural ability, Wreckk doubled down on what he knew was his. Investing into himself is the best move he could have made. Music has opened up various doors for this smooth individual. 

WreckkHavinn has some inspirational goals with his music. Knowing that from His biggest inspiration, the king of pop, Michael Jackson, Wreckk has goals of making music for others, makes sense. He wants to help people feel less alone by speaking about himself and getting through what he has gone through. Music has always been a way for Wreckk to express himself. From rapping in school and at the lunch table to doing talent shows and eventually touring. 

The Work That Is Bigger Than Music

WreckkHavinn learned from early on in his career the real way of the industry. He quickly learned to be your own biggest fan and keep grinding no matter what. He knows that not everyone will support you in your dreams and to keep your head down and grind. Even people close to you won’t want to see you win. From a rough upbringing, he knows where he needs to be and stay consistent. He is excited to show everyone what’s next.

Everything is much more significant than music to WreckkHavinn. He sees it as an expression of connection and focuses more on the impact he can provide to others. He runs a nonprofit with his brother called “GoodKidsMadCity,” to keep the youth out of trouble. They have visited Africa ad built houses for the less fortunate. If there is any reason to support WreckkHavinn this is the one.

He appreciates his family and encourages everyone not to forget where they came from. You can follow WreckkHavinn on Instagram here as well as stream his catalog on Spotify below.

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Matt Kolesar
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Matt Kolesar is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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