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Artist Extra Solidifying His Spot In The Music Industry

Getting To Know Extra

David Ogunnubi, also known as Extra, is a first generation, Nigerian American artist hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, California. Born in Oklahoma, Extra was instilled with a great work ethic he now incorporates into his music career. During his college years, his network exploded meeting many of the DJs and producers he collaborates with to this day. Music has always been his passion, but Extra has been pursuing it on a professional level as of late and has been leveling up even more ever since.

“My music is influenced by events going on around the world, as well as personal hardships and triumphs of my own,” Extra says. “My music career began when I was a freshman in college. I would rap for fun with my friends, but soon was connected with producers and DJs and I was able to create more and more music. Fast forward to now, and I have an entire team that I work with to create the music I love.”

No artist develops without overcoming challenges. However, for Extra, some of those challenges stemmed from finding the balance between his goals and personal life.

“The most challenging thing in my music career is finding the balance between being an entertainer and simply living my life. It’s difficult to travel and create content while still working and trying to make time for your family”, the creator elaborated on.

While working alongside LNG Entertainment, DJ Ronnie G, and T1, Extra has already released two visual series and 10 music videos. No one can deny the vision, passion, and work ethic Extra and his team come with.

The Inspiration Behind His Music

Taking inspiration from Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Jay-Z, it’s only natural for Extra to have some incredible new songs in his arsenal. Luckily for fans, they’re coming sooner than you think. Volume 2 of his first visual series, Extra Extra Read All About It and Ya Beat Iz Not Safe, are both in the works.

“…one series will be released this year (2022), the other series will be released next year (2023). I’m also releasing a new single called ‘Can We Live’ which focuses on social injustice and real-world issues.”

After making his mark with so much content and music in his first year, Extra will undoubtedly continue bringing only the best. Something for fans and the entire music industry to get excited for.

Tap into his work! Follow Extra on Instagram here and his Spotify below:

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