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Journey into the Vibey World of Anthony Lucido

Discovering Anthony Lucido’s Music: A Journey of Expression and Evolution

Michigan native Anthony Lucido, an independent artist breaking through the hip hop scene, brings us an intimate insight into his world. Lucido’s music offers an intriguing blend of smooth, vibey tunes layered with nostalgia. Follow him on his artistic journey as he explores his influences, creative process, and aspirations.

Expressions of a Musical Journey

What sets Anthony Lucido’s music apart is its deeply personal and intimate nature. His tracks weave a tale of his past, present, and future self, creating a journey that listeners can empathize with. Drawn from life experiences, childhood memories, and relationships, his music resonates with genuine emotion and authenticity.

Musical Style: Smooth, Vibey, Nostalgic

For those new to his sound, imagine a rhythm that flows like a calm river, gently cascading over stones of nostalgia, imparting a vibey feel. This unique style of his music is greatly influenced by hip hop, which taught Lucido about tone, cadence, and how to sound cool and rhythmic.

Collaboration: The Key to Evolution

Yes, Lucido does collaborate with other artists and producers. He treasures the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” These collaborations have been instrumental in shaping the evolving sound of Anthony Lucido’s music.

The Challenges and Triumphs of Artistry

For Lucido, being an artist is not just about producing music, but it’s a path of self-growth, self-discovery, and constant evolution. One of the most significant hurdles he faced was overcoming addiction, which he describes as a transformative period that cultivated his spirituality and understanding of divine love.

Nostalgia and Light-heartedness in “Ten Speed”

His most recent release, “Ten Speed,” is a perfect blend of light-heartedness and nostalgia. It is reminiscent of a past relationship expressed in a bouncy and vibey manner, making it a unique addition to Anthony Lucido’s music repertoire.

Music: A Default Mode of Existence

Lucido’s music is not just a hobby but a calling. It’s a default mode of existence for him, akin to others who may golf or lift weights. His music has evolved over time, turning into a beautiful amalgamation of beats, melodies, and new creative ways to deliver sounds that are appealing to the ear.

Keeping Up in the Music Industry

The music industry is competitive and fast-paced. However, Lucido’s motivation stems from his love for music and his godly sized vision for his musical career. He frequently listens to historical and trending music, keeping his vision alive and fighting self-doubt.

Future Goals and Aspirations

With “delusion-ally large plans” for his music, Lucido dreams big. He’s seen glimpses of his future success and patiently awaits the manifestation of his musical visions.

A Message to His Audience

For Lucido, the journey so far has been an incredible ride. He cherishes his supporters and looks forward to connecting with those yet to discover his music. You can keep up with him on his Instagram.

So there you have it, an intimate journey through the vibey world of Anthony Lucido’s music. His music is his self-expression, and his sound is his identity. His journey may have been challenging, but it’s a testament to his perseverance and unyielding love for his craft.

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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