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ATB: America’s Teddy Bear Taking Over the Music Scene

Donny Pomerlee, now known as America’s Teddy Bear ATB, is making waves in the music industry. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, this independent artist’s journey from an award-winning Gospel singer to a versatile performer in R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Trap is nothing short of inspiring.

The Musical Evolution of ATB

ATB has always had a deep love for music. Coming from a musical background, he was inspired by great artists and producers, which shaped his unique style. Describing his musical approach, ATB says, “I’m smooth like a Trap Gerald Levert (RIP). I can sing a heartfelt song or get hood and show you a whole different side of me and where I come from.”

ATB’s collaborations reflect his diverse influences. He has featured on Papoose’s mixtape and worked with artists like DC Youngfly, T-Rell, Wildstyle from Crucial Conflict, Ye$hayahu, Sasha Go Hard, and Gospel Rapper 1kPhew. He’s currently working on future music with notable names like Zaytoven, Rotimi, Fatboy SSE, and Jucee Froot.

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Memorable Moments and Career Highlights

One of the most memorable moments for ATB was performing on the Bobby Jones Show on BET and winning his first major Gospel award. He fondly recalls, “Winning my first Major Gospel Award (Praise & Worship Artist of the Year) and making it to the Stellars magazine for three years straight was incredible.” Another highlight was Papoose featuring his song first on a mixtape, which he describes as a “geeked” moment.

ATB’s transformation into a secular artist was driven by his desire to break free from the judgmental nature of the Gospel industry. He found inspiration and acceptance among secular artists, which reignited his passion for music.

Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. 1: A Showcase of Versatility

ATB’s latest project, “Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. 1,” is a testament to his versatility. This sophomore EP features six songs that span Trap, R&B, Hip-Hop, and even Pop. “Only 16 minutes of your life, but a great EP,” says ATB. The project also includes a nod to his Chicago roots with a Foot Work House Music track. Listen in when the EP drops July 1st.

ATB’s music continues to evolve, but his message remains consistent: authenticity and realness. He hopes to convey his life experiences through his lyrics, encouraging his listeners to vibe with him on his musical journey.

ATB is not just an artist; he’s a storyteller, a performer, and a true musical chameleon. His journey from Gospel to Hip-Hop is a testament to his resilience and passion for music. As he sets his sights on future collaborations and accolades, there’s no doubt that ATB will continue to make a significant impact in the music world.

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