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After An ICU Emergency, Legend Prince Po Was Hospitalized

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Organized Konfusion, made up of Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po, produced three albums in the 1990s, among them the underground Hip Hop classic Stress: The Extinction Agenda from 1994. The team finally disbanded and pursued independent careers after releasing The Equinox in 1997.

After 25 years, the happy-go-lucky days of youth have long since passed, and 52-year-old Prince Po is now dealing with some health problems. Prince Po announced in a series of images posted on his Facebook page on June 21st that he had recently been discharged from the intensive care unit (ICU) following a severe case of pneumonia.

Prince Po Battling Pneumonia:

“Won’t share pics of the pain…tubes in me n shit…no diss to you all who’s done it..but we have enough trauma,” he captions. “so here’s the beauty that was a part of the triumph in…healing…pics of my room view after ICU…thank you all four the prayers n love”.

News of Prince Po’s health issues first appeared on Father’s Day. He shares, “Peace…happy father’s day to all my brothers and colleagues and friends…blessings upon you all. God is great. I’m still in the hospital. Bad encounter with pneumonia. Wasn’t good.

Lucky to be alive:

“Thank God I’m now out of ICU.. know my respect n love goes out to each n every 1 of you.. I miss the Jb lives.. we’ll be back soon. Keep ya head pointed to the sky”. Prince Po is actually lucky compared to some of his hip-hop colleagues. COVID-19 has been responsible for the deaths of multiple rappers and producers since the pandemic began. Fred The Godson, DJ Blag-n-Mild, and in recent months, DJ Kay Slay, unfortunately, succumbed to the disease.

Complications from the coronavirus have killed over 6 million people to date. Researchers are still actively searching for more effective methods to treat the disease.

Hip Hop Today sends its best to Prince Po wishing him good health moving forward.

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Tyler August
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Tyler August is a Miami-based Music Producer & Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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