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A$AP Rocky's House Gets Searched


A$AP Rocky’s House Gets Searched

Police have reportedly discovered several guns in A$AP’s Los Angeles home. While conducting a search of his property they found evidence connected to a 2021 shooting. As per The TMZ newspaper, cops will perform ballistic tests on guns to determine if Rocky was the one to pull the trigger. Also, police will also conduct background checks on the guns to determine their origins of the guns. After the search of A$AP Rocky’s house, it does not look good for this talented rapper.

As we previously reported, police used a battering ram in his house and then left with a box of possible evidence, though it was unclear what they had collected at first.

A$AP Rocky was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport on April 20th after being charged with assault using an armed weapon that could be deadly. The rapper was on his way back to Barbados with Rihanna after a flight to LAX on a private plane.

The victim says Rocky approached the victim with a handgun and shot him three or four times, with one bullet grazing his left.

LAPD Speaks Out on A$AP Rocky’s House

An LAPD announcement read, “On Friday, November 6th, 2021, at around 10:15 p.m. An argument between two acquaintances took place in the vicinity of Selma Avenue and Argyle Avenue in the Hollywood area. The argument escalated and ended with the suspect shooting a handgun toward the victim.

The reports state that the victim sustained only minor injuries from the incident. He went to the local hospital for treatment. But, following the shooting, the suspect and two additional people fled the scene.

Finally, A$AP Rocky posted $550,000 bail, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department website. Furthermore, he will appear in court on August 17th for the first time.

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