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A$AP Mob Member Snitches on A$AP Rocky


A$AP Mob Member Snitches on A$AP Rocky

A$AP Bari says he knows the person responsible for A$AP Rocky’s arrest. An A$AP Mob member snitches on A$AP Rocky.

The Harlem rapper was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport upon returning from a trip to Barbados. He was with his pregnant girlfriend Rihanna on April 20th. Finally, he was detained for assault with an explosive weapon in relation to an incident in the Hollywood region in November.

Following Rocky’s arrest in the news A$AP Mob’s fellow member A$AP Bari posted on social media to point fingers. In several Instagram Stories, the fashion designer has said that A$AP Relli -an unofficial member of the Harlem collective of spying on Pretty Flacko. The Instagram Stories of Bari suggest the possibility that Relli was the one who suffered the shooting.

“This rat ass n-gga Told on rocky Fucking rat,” the rapper wrote alongside the image of an A$AP’s Instagram page. “@relli_boss why you went to the police,” the rapper added in an update Story.

A$AP Rocky is Being Investigated

A$AP Rocky (real name Rakim Mayers) was being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department over the alleged shooting. The shooting took place at Selma Avenue and Argyle Avenue on the evening of November 6, 2021.

The victim reported to police that the rapper was 33 and took out a gun and shot him during an argument. Shooting the bullet into his right hand. Police claim Rocky then fled the scene on foot with two other males. The victim’s “minor injury” was later treated.

Video footage filmed from TMZ revealed officers armed with guns carrying out the search warrant for A$AP’s L.A. home. On Wednesday morning by using a battering tool on the gate that surrounded his home.

A$AP Rocky Posted Bail

After his arrest, A$AP Rocky was released from jail after posting a $550,000 bail. But the rapper was surrounded by photographers after he left the police station in Downtown Los Angeles. He climbed into an SUV waiting for him.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s website A$AP Rocky is scheduled to return to court on August 17. The case was presented by the District Attorney. The attorney is expected to make an announcement soon regarding whether or not to file charges.

A$AP Bari is not a stranger to legal troubles of his own. In 2019, the streetwear label VLONE co-founder pleaded in court to sexual harassment in connection with an incident in July 2017 at a London hotel.

A disturbing video was shared online showed Bari shouting, “You fucked my assistant. You’re now going to make me a suck,” to a naked woman lying in bed while the man slapped her back. Finally, the woman says, “Stop the smacking, Bari. Honestly, stop.”

Bari did not go to jail and was instead handed a fine of $5,000. Also ordered to pay $3,500 as compensation. If an A$AP Mob member snitches on A$AP Rocky, it may stir up some internal conflict with their crew.

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