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6ix9ine Calls Out Fake Lil Durk


6ix9ine Calls Out Fake Lil Durk

6ix9ine continues to take extreme ways to harass Lil Durk. In a post on Twitter, he was not shy about bringing a Lil Durk look-alike. 6ix9ine calls out fake Lil Durk. He called Perkio to join him to make a video. The rapper even presents the Durk dupe with a jacket. The jacket features an image of the legendary Lil Durk on the back.

“We got bro the jacket,” 6ix9ine states in the clip before the camera reveals the jacket’s back. Perkio seems to be getting more uncomfortable through the video. Even as 6ix9ine attempts to convince Perkio to wear the jacket by saying, “You good, just leave the jacket on.”

6ix9ine calls Lil Durk out in an Instagram video he posted on April 26th.

Now, there’s more controversy over the matter. Shortly after the video was shared on Facebook, fake Lil Durk claimed that 6ix9ine was “ambushing” him and denied any connection with the controversial rapper. Instead, he claimed that he had a deal with YouTube celebrity Stephen Deleonardis better known as “Steve Will Do It.”

Steve Will Do It came out and said he doesn’t even know the guy, and he wants to see the DMs of their encounter.

6ix9ine Calls Out Fake Lil Durk

Always ready with a reply, 6ix9ine sent out a text message to show Perkio knew what he was signing up for when signing to perform for this gig. 6ix9ine said that Perkio was compensated $7,000 in cash but did not follow through with his part of the contract.

Finally, in the video of the supposed exchange, a person is seen handing the individual cash. However, Perkio’s visage isn’t seen. Yet, 6ix9ine posted in Akademiks comments section that “Perkio backdoored OTF for 7 bands is crazyyyyyyy.” 6ix9ine never fails to stir up the drama in the hip hop industry. See the post below.

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