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42 Dugg Arrested By Federal Agents


42 Dugg Arrested By Federal Agents

42 Dugg was taken into custody and arrested in his hometown in Detroit on Thursday, May 5, after he had returned from Memphis, Tennessee. In the words of the Detroit News, the Motor City rapper was taken in custody by federal agents because he refused to surrender and serve a 6-month prison sentence.

As of late, 42 Dugg has had a string of arrests. In March of 2020, 42 Dugg got arrested on federal gun charges. He was unlawfully in possession of a gun, being a felon. Two months before that, he was apprehended for evading police.

42 Dugg Arrested

In May of last year, 42 Dugg and his team of lawyers entered into plea talks for the gun crime that was a maximum punishment of 10 years. With the plea bargain that he signed, he could avoid jail time and get out on probation. But a judge ended his probation shortly after that and sentenced him to six months of jail time and two years of supervised release.

42 Dugg was trying to demand a fight with rapper 6ix9ine if he got paid $500,000. These two rappers were getting heated online after Dugg called him out for going after Lil Durk’s clone.

Dugg is having a problem with 6ix9ine going after good people. He calls 6ix9ine a “rat” multiple times during his rant. 6ix9ine fired back, saying he would “smack fire out of you.”. 6ix9ine saying he is on parole and still not caring. It will be interesting to see how this beef plays out.

42 Dugg failed to show up to a West Virginia prison and is now facing five years in prison. The police were expecting him to turn himself in, and he failed to do so.

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