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2face Humble & Riteous


The Unique Path of 2face Humble & Riteous in Gospel Rap

California’s Own Independent Gospel Rap Duo

From the streets of California to the international stages, 2face Humble & Riteous, an independent gospel rap duo, are making waves with their unique blend of spiritual messages and street-smart lyrics. These twin rappers have found their calling in music, driven by their faith in God, the guidance of their mother, and their life experiences.

A Musical Style That Breathes Positivity

Describing their style as a “breath of fresh air,” 2face Humble & Riteous offer an uplifting and encouraging sound. Their music is a testament to the duo’s journey and their belief that one doesn’t need to be perfect to connect with the divine. Through their songs, they aim to spread the message that “God is good,” resonating with listeners who seek inspiration and hope.

Collaborations and Creative Process

2face Humble & Riteous are known for their dynamic collaborations with various producers, each bringing a new flavor to their music. This open-minded approach results in a diverse sound, constantly evolving with each new partnership. Their willingness to experiment musically is a cornerstone of their creative process, keeping their sound fresh and engaging.

Inspirational Moments and Influence on Gospel Rap

Impactful Live Performances and Cultural Influence

One of the most memorable experiences for 2face Humble & Riteous was performing live in Africa to an audience of over 20,000 people. Such moments highlight the far-reaching impact of their music. Contrary to being influenced by the existing music culture, they aspire to influence the gospel rap genre with their profound lyrics and unique style.

Overcoming Challenges as Independent Artists

Navigating the music industry as independent artists, 2face Humble & Riteous acknowledge the challenge of standing out without the backing of a major music label. Their talent and determination, however, have kept them moving forward, undeterred by the obstacles they’ve faced.

Latest Projects and Inspirations

Their recent project, “Momma Said ‘Go with God,'” pays homage to their mother, who has been a guiding force in their lives. The album’s release coincided with the passing of their mother, adding a deeply personal and emotional layer to their music.

Future Aspirations and Personal Message

Collaborations and Future Goals

Looking ahead, 2face Humble & Riteous are excited about their upcoming project with multi-platinum West Coast producer Ervin EP Pope. This collaboration marks a significant step in their journey, promising to bring new dimensions to their music.

A Personal Invitation to their Journey

2face Humble & Riteous invite their audience to join them on their musical journey. They encourage fans to follow their updates and behind-the-scenes stories on Instagram at @humble_riteous. Additionally, their music can be explored on Spotify through this link.

The story of 2face Humble & Riteous is not just about music; it’s about faith, resilience, and the power of a positive message. As they continue to influence the gospel rap scene, their journey is a reminder that with faith and determination, anything is possible.

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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